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Innovative SOS security alarm

3G Safety Security Alarm With Emergency SOS which is suited for the care of the elderly or staff working independently like therapists, nurses and after-hours and field personnel The TT300 safety security alarm with emergency SOS works with the 3G GSM  mobile network, just like a mobile phone.  With the press of a button the unit […]

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NEW! 3G handheld GPS SOS alarm

3G GPS Tracker with APP for iPhone|Android smartphones Small portable  3G handheld  GPS SOS alarm  includes all necessary and advanced features that support reliable GPS tracking with the added benefit of an SOS alarm button.  This 3G 4G portable GPS tracker with SOS alarm button is a small, lightweight and easy to set up and […]

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20% Discount GPS Trackers

Have you thought of implementing GPS fleet management or GPS personal safety products? Then this one month’s special offer of a 20% discount on our entire GPS product range might come in handy. Select the product(s) you wish to purchase and apply the coupon/voucher code 2852012 before you make payment. A 20% discount will then […]

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UcanC website refresh complete

Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers A new and fresh looking site with improved features and information. We trust you will find it easy to navigate the site and find useful information regarding Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers and the multitude of GPS tracking applications they offer for your business and the protection of assets and […]