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2G network disconnection by the end of 2016?


You may have heard something about a 2G network disconnection.  Is this correct or just a rumour?

Telecommunication and network providers have indeed advised that they will phase out the 2G network with a 2G network disconnection by the end of 2016.  By the end of 2016 all devices operating on a 2G network only will not be able to perform any longer. It is therefore wise to take precaution and upgrade to future proof products.

As an example, Telstra will supply the following frequencies  after the closure of GSM (2G network - 900MHz):

3G850, 3G2100, 4G700, 4G900, 4G1800, 4G2100

It is therefore prudent to check the specs of your devices to ensure they will continue to perform even after the change.

Specs of our 3G 4G GPS tracker:

3G 4G GPS tracker, 2G network disconnection, UMTS|HSPA



How long does it take for you to deliver?


We deliver with an express overnight bag. Most capital cities are next day delivery. Country areas may take 2-3 days.

Does the GPS tracker work on 12 and 24 volts?


Yes, it works on both 12 and 24 volts and does not require any adapter.

What about product warranty?


All our products come with a 12 months warranty.

Do you offer rental equipment for a few months?


No, we don’t offer rental equipment.

Can I purchase the product without the upfront cost?


Yes, we can put you in touch with our preferred  equipment finance company which would work out your monthly cost. You may want to have 24, 36 or 48 months finance contract.

Are there any hidden charges ?


There are no hidden charges. Your purchased product is your property. The TELSTRA SIM card and our system are available for a total of $19 per unit per month. There is no third party billing. We provide you the complete service and there are no other costs involved.

Is there a contract period for the service?


No, the product purchased does not need any contract signed. If you require to disconnect the service this is not a problem. You may reconnect at any time again. We just send you another SIM card once you want to reactivate the service.

How long is the data kept?


You have the choice between 2 months and 6 months. After this period data gets removed.

What if I need a particular development or customization?


We have a strong engineering team. We would offer you a development quote and in general after a few weeks the development would be completed.

Will the tracker follow the road?


We use 4 parameters to load the tracker. It’s time based, angle , distance travelled and event based. The tracker will follow the road in an acceptable fashion. In order to limit the data usage it won’t follow every curvature but the general direction of the road.

How many antennas does the unit have and can these be hidden under the dashboard?


The GPS tracker unit has 2 antennas, GSM and GPS. Both antennas must be connected but can be hidden out of sight, i. e. under the dashboard.

Can the setup be changed if the unit is already out in the field?


Yes, we can remotely change the setup parameters of the GPS tracker  via the internet.

Will the GPS unit also work overseas?


Yes, we provide a solution for overseas clients as well. We can provide a solution without roaming charges. One SIM supplied by our company at a set service charge will cover tracking globally and internationally.

What about geo fencing?


Yes, we have auto geo-fencing so when the unit stops it automatically puts a perimeter around itself .There’s no need to waste time with the setup of manual geo-fences.

What about power consumption?


We can activate a deep sleep mode so when there’s no activity the unit will fall asleep and hardly use any more 5mA. Once there’s motion or ignition is on , it will become awake and start to track.

Does it have alerts for harsh breaking , accelerating and misuse of the vehicle?


Yes, the system has what we call Green driving parameters which when activated will show misuse of vehicle through harsh accelerating or braking etc.

Does the system have driver identification?


Yes, via the iWire technology the system can be used to identify drivers. There’s a digital Dallas key that works with the readers to identify which driver was driving when.

Can it tell machine hours and service required?


Yes, the system will display, print and alert via email for work hours and service requirement.

What reports do I get?


You get a graphical display and printable reports for – trip stops, work hours, distance travelled, routes taken, ignition on/off,  speeding, history from one day, week or month, email alerts for service requirement, duress alarm alerts and many more features.

Do I need to get my own sim card and do my own install?


We provide the product with a TELSTRA SIM card and it’s internet ready. Once the product is powered it will go live. We supply install instructions so you may use your own installer. We also provide recommended installers. Install is an optional  service which you may purchase with the product.

What about tracking on the my phone?


We provide software and web page. You can view the web page using the phone browser like the Safari on the iphone.

Is there a small tracker that’s waterproof, has its own battery which could be used for motorcycles or trailers?


Yes, we have a product that’s waterproof, small in size and has its own battery. The product is called M12.

What are the benefits of a SOS duress alarm?


As part of WHS (Work Health & Safety) a portable or fixed device will have an emergency button that can be pressed to activate a rescue service or call for police protection or ambulance assistance.The emergency alarm can be sent to the Global rescue alliance in the USA which would contact the local search and rescue authority to notify of an emergency and initiate a response. The emergency alarm can be tailored to go to a security monitoring company or your company for further action.

What is WHS?


WHS compliance and enforcement Compliance and enforcement of work health and safety (WHS) legislation is the role of WorkCover  and the Department of Trade and Investment for mining workplaces.

WHS is an area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. The goals of occupational safety and health programs include to foster a safe and healthy work environment.

Which product and service is best for me?


Depending on your requirements and budget:  If you want a low cost product & service and want to hide the unit then select the GPRS  / 3G product & service.

If you don’t want to depend on the phone networks , then the satellite product is your choice. The satellite product & service are high cost, larger in size and can’t be hidden.

The Dual Mode tracker, has both the phone and satellite modems. The product will work on the phone network when available and jump to the satellite network if there’s no GSM . The product & service cost is high, size is large and it can’t be hidden because of the satellite component.

What’s the difference between GPRS, 3G and inmarsat?


These are 3 different forms of sending back data to the server.

General packet radio service (GPRS) is a data service on the 2G & 3G mobile phone GSM network.

3G, is the third generation of mobile telecommunications technology

Inmarsat - International Mobile Satellite Organization -- a satellite company, offering global telephone and data services.

Will I lose any information while the tracker is not connected to the network?


Depends on how long the tracker is off air and how much memory is available to store data. In standard tracking mode which is 3 minutes track & report, most good trackers can store up to one week or  up to a few months. Once the tracker is back in a network  area it will load all the data that was missing. At the end of the day you should be able to pull complete gap free reports even if the tracker was going in  and out of coverage.

What happens if the GPS tracker can’t send back its information because there’s no service?


The tracker will keep collecting data in it's flash memory and wait until it finds a network to send back information.

My GPS tracker is using satellites and can work anywhere in Australia?


The GPS tracker uses satellites to find it's own position and then needs to send these positions to the server. It can send back data to the server depending on which system you are using. There are 2 basic modes it can send back it's position. Using satellite technology  and GSM technology. The more expensive communication is the satellite technology.

Can I use both systems (GPS/GLONASS) to get better results?


Yes, our system can use both systems and get a more accurate fix of the tracker. Please note extra communication uses extra power and data.

What is GPS and is this the only system for tracking?


GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is owned by the USA government. It consists of 24 satellites orbiting the earth. A fixed position is made when triangulating a position using at least 8 visible satellites on the horizon. The civil use of the system allows an accuracy of around 10 meters. Currently the only other fully operating system is the Russian GLONAS system using 12 satellites. Other systems are in the pipeline from Europe and Asia but not yet operational.

Are there any contracts?


No, we do not sign you into any contract agreement. The product is your property. We offer the tracking service for as long as you require the service. Once you do not require the service we simply disconnect it.

Can I see the information on my iPhone?


Yes, the system works  on the iphone as well as any internet capable device like iPad etc.

Can I work with more than one logins?


Yes, we offer multiple logins for each customer

Does the equipment work on 12V and 24V?


Yes, the equipment works both on 12 and 24V. We recommend to fuse protect the units when installing.

Do you offer leasing as well?


Yes, we can provide leasing for a fleet greater then 10 units. Please enquire for more details.

What warranty is offered?


New equipment warranty for 12 months

Can I prove that the vehicle has not been speeding?


Yes, we offer a graphical report which can be printed and stored showing speeds of every day. Ideal for bus and transport companies that need to archive such reports.

Can the device satisfy requirements of OH&S regulations?


Yes, you will be able to print reports showing maximum work time is not over 12h per day and rest been taken every 2 hours on any trip.

Can I get an insurance rebate if I use the GPS tracker?


Yes, some insurance companies will accept the extra protection offered by the GPS trackers and will offer a lower premium. You will need to enquire with your insurance provider directly.

Can I follow drivers instead of vehicles?


Yes, as optional extra and via the iWire technology, we can provide  a digital key to each driver. The driver then needs to swipe the digital key on the reader once ignition is switched on. If,  for example the digital key is not swiped, there will be a buzzing sound until the digital key is swiped.

Can I send text messages to the driver?


Yes, our advanced system allows you to send text messages to the driver directly on a Garmin navigator. The driver can reply back.

Can I get all trip stops and work time from the reports?


Yes, we provide trip stop reports, work time reports and you will be able to see when the ignition goes on and off. Additional reports available are:  km driven, hours on the road per day, speeding and many more. You get a graphical display and printed reports.

What if the units go out of range of Telstra network?


Units are equipped with on-board flash memory. So if a unit cannot send back data because there is no network, it will keep recording and wait until there is network again. You will get complete reporting at the end of the day with no missing data.

Is it real-time tracking or a data logger?


The units are real time trackers with frequency of tracking every 2 minutes if stationary and every 30 seconds if driving.

Can I see all units on one page?


Yes, you will be able to track all units on a single page.

Can the unit be installed under the dashboard?


We recommend that the whole unit with antennas is installed under the dashboard or plastic cover and out of sight. This way the equipment will not be tampered with and can perform at its best.

Can we install the product ourselves?


Yes, the product comes programmed ready to go. As soon as it gets power it will come to the web page and start tracking. We also offer mobile auto electricians for $110 per unit in all major cities in Australia.

The $19/unit/month recurrings for ongoing service. What does it cover?


We provide for a Telstra data sim card, data , web page and software. All included in the $19.

Do you offer a discount if we purchase more units?


Yes, we offer discounts for purchases greater then one unit. As an example 5 units provide 10% ,10 unit 15% discount etc.