GPS Personal Duress Alarm

GPS tracking providing personal duress alarm and 24/7 security

These personal GPS tracking devices offer vital security and safety features with its personal duress alarm system, phone and 24/7 security company monitoring at your finger tips.

Keep your employees, lone workers, home patients,elderly andr children safe and secure at all times! These personal GPS tracking devices are a complete alarm system with back to base monitoring right in your pocket.

Personal GPS security tracker

If in danger or distress, press the SOS button. This will trigger an alarm with the security company. The security company will check your location and inform the police where you are. The alarm is absolutely silent on the side of the carrier.
These personal, portable GPS trackers have a multitude of settings which can perform additional vital tasks such as geo-fencing. Geo-fencing is the setting of parameters within which the person can move. When leaving these set parameters an alarm will be raised.

24/7 security surveillance

Once the SOS button was pressed and the duress alarm activated, a silent monitoring call can be made to the personal GPS tracking devices enabling audio monitoring of the distress situation. Personal GPS trackers offer safety and security for the carrier of these personal GPS tracking devices and, ultimately, a fast response to situations of high distress, is the paramount target of these personal GPS tracking devices.

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