Smartphone GPS Tracking APP for GPS trackers for both iPhone iOS platform and Android platform.

The GPS Tracking APP offers fast access to your entire GPS fleet and to individual fleet vehicle data. Fast loading and easy to use this GPS Tracking APP gives you access to your fleet, machinery, assets wherever you are.

license for the GPS APP,GPS Tracking APP,APP license for one smartphoneIn order to get access to the web servers,  you can purchase your license for the GPS  APP by calling our office.

There are separate keys for separate smartphone platforms.  Please call our office for the  license you require for your smartphone (iOS/iPhone or Google App/Android phone).
We can give you your digital license key over the phone and even help you with setup and first login.

Get your license for the GPS APP for either iPhone or Android now from our office staff. An APP license for one smartphone can be obtained for $89 inc GST.